Research and Development

medac Pharma offers innovative and tested therapeutic agents as a result of work carried out in our own research and development (R&D) department for applications in the fields of oncology, urology, autoimmune diseases and fibrinolysis. This work is carried out at our corporate headquarters in Wedel, near Hamburg, Germany.

Scientists in our R&D department work on long-term research projects as well as product development. New molecules are investigated for potential areas of application. The development of a new active substance begins with the synthesis and investigation of its pharmacological properties.

We value the close relationship we have with our customers and regular feedback from clinics and hospitals supports the work of the research departments in designing even better versions of products. Even at the development stage of active substances, our specialists ensure that the medication will be easy for the patient to use.

Specialist products developed by medac hold almost 1,000 licences worldwide. The structure of our organisation enables us to respond rapidly and flexibly to market demand and we can act quickly in response to research ideas arising from our research and development team.