medac Pharma strengthens its haematology portfolio with the launch of Trecondi®    

Trecondi® - Treosulfan transplantation conditioningmedac Pharma has strengthened its haematology portfolio with the UK launch of Trecondi® (treosulfan), a drug which is used as part of a conditioning regimen given prior to stem cell transplantation.

Conditioning treatments are given prior to stem cell transplants with the aim of destroying existing cells in a patient’s bone marrow, leaving them ready to receive new, healthy stem cells.  Full intensity or ‘myeloablative’ conditioning treatments have often been associated with high morbidity and mortality and have therefore been generally used only in patients who are younger and more able to tolerate the treatment. The new Trecondi®/fludarabine based regimen offers an alternative treatment option to low-dose busulfan/fludarabine to a broader spectrum of patients.

Trecondi®, in combination with Fludarabine, is indicated as part of conditioning treatment prior to allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (alloHSCT) in adult patients with malignant and non‑malignant diseases, and in paediatric patients older than one month with malignant diseases.1

Managing Director of medac Pharma, Alastair McMurray comments: “We are delighted to be launching Trecondi® in the UK following years of extensive research and development activity in the fields of haematology and oncology.  With NICE approval, this innovative therapeutic treatment provides a new option to a whole cohort of patients who would have previously been unable to tolerate high intensity conditioning regimens.”

It is currently awaiting publication by NICE2, however interim Cancer Drug Funding3 is already in place for Trecondi®. The product is now available to purchase in the UK.


  1. Trecondi® Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)