medac Pharma launches new packaging for cytotoxic product

At medac pharma, the safety of the products we provide is one of our highest priorities. In view of the variety of indications and products, it is essential for pharmacy staff to remain vigilant, even under pressure. Clear, unambiguous packaging can help to avoid potential medication errors. medac have developed new packaging allowing the active ingredient and product strength to be clearly recognisable at first glance.


The central element of the new packaging layout is colour coding in the form of a divided circle: the colour of one semicircle represents the active ingredient. This colour can also be found in the product name and in a continuous line at the lower edge of the carton. The colour of the other semicircle represents the product strength. The dual-colour coding is uniformly located on all sides and on the lid flap of the product packaging, so that the active ingredient and strength are immediately recognisable.


medac Pharma has introduced TALLMAN lettering to some packing to reduce the risk of product selection error. TALLMAN lettering clearly identifies product names for similar sounding products. E.g. DOXOrubicin and EPIrubicin.

Images: The old packaging compared to the new TALLMAN packaging with colour coding.

The new packaging was successfully introduced to the market in early 2019 in the UK with more products to follow.

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