medac Pharma supporting 8th Advanced Brain Tumour Meeting

medac Pharma is delighted to support the 8th Annual World Course in Advanced Brain Tumour Surgery by holding a pre-course workshop in the use of 5-ALA (gliolan®) for neurosurgeons. This is the third time such a course will be held at the conference and all attendees will receive an official certification from medac, allowing them to use gliolan® for the fluorescence-guided surgical resection of High Grade Gliomas.

As part of the workshop, Professor Walter Stummer, a pioneer in developing the product, will replicate a resection using a simulate brain model and microscope with ultra-violet functionality.

Completing this allows the neurosurgeons to become certified in using gliolan®, which is a requirement by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) prior to using the product.

The course also includes the opportunity to watch different live brain surgeries performed by eight Master Surgeons operating in their own theatres in China, Germany, India, Italy and USA and then later listen to seminars by these Master Surgeons in person later in the course and take part in practical workshops.

For more information on the course – please click here.

Professor Stummer leading a session at the conference last year

Professor Walter Stummer, Clinical Director Neurosurgery, University Hospital of Muenster, Germany