medac Pharma Environmental Statement 2021

medac Pharma Environmental Statement 2021

As a global pharmaceutical company, we do not only pride ourselves in our medicinal products, we also focus on the environmental impact that our practices have. We believe it’s our responsibility as a company to ensure that we identify all of our activities which have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

Our environmental policy is assessed by our head office in Germany at regular intervals by all operating countries. They review regional, national, and international standards as part of the annual environmental audit and management review. The annual review is undertaken with the aim of improving our performance as a company and to reduce activities which may have a negative effect on the environment.

Our environmental report from the year of 2020 highlights ways in which our practices have contributed positively towards our environmental impact and how it compares to previous years.

As we transition more into the digital world, we are working to reduce any unnecessary use of tangible materials and our paper consumption to decrease the amount of waste in both office and commercial environments. This is largely impacted in logistics, Metoject® PEN assembly areas and in staff offices, laboratories and restaurant areas. To combat this, we have introduced the use of recyclable foil, paper, plastic and foam stuffing to optimize the use of commercial waste.  This means that any waste from our commercial activities are passed onto a recyclable materials buyer who processes our waste and returns for reuse in a safe way.

We are happy to announce that the work we are putting in to create a reduced waste environment and the introduction of digitization has largely contributed to a reduction in waste and has resulted in us reducing our paper consumption by 4,018,161 sheets of paper.

A large concern for medac at large is our energy consumption. We have introduced the use of an energy consultant on site who is able to identify where we can further save on our consumption as a company. We have also introduced a combined heart and power plant (CHP) and solar panels at different sites across the globe. These initiatives will be used for further energy saving and creates a more effective way of producing lighting, heat and electricity.

Additionally, we recognize that our procurement process can further impact the environment. This is why, at medac, we have ongoing projects with the Environmental Management and Supplier Qualification to strengthen our supply chain, making it more sustainable and transparent to stakeholders.

As a company, we also focus largely on biodiversity and have incorporated various activities across all offices to create habitats for wildlife in each country. For example, in 2020 medac’s head office have planted a meadow in Hamburg as the start of our journey to creating safe habitats for wildlife. The Blooming Meadow provides shelter, food and nesting grounds for birds and insects. The roof of our headquarter building was also planted to create further areas for wildlife.

Here at our UK offices at medac Pharma, we have been working with a file shredding company that transfers shredded paper for recycling. Through these activities, approximately 2,180 trees were saves in 2020 from being chopped down in the UK.

To make inter-company travel more environmentally friends, a fully electric car has been purchased for use by medac. The medac car is also used to deliver company mail to reduce emissions. Since October 2019, medac have also introduced a business bike leasing scheme to promote the use of cycling to work as a means of transport. Since 2020, employees are also able to charge their electric bike batteries at designated charging stations which have been installed specifically for that purpose. The development of these initiatives have resulted in the decrease of total annual emissions of greenhouse gasses per employee by 18.5% from 2016.

medac Pharma Environmental Statement 2021

Our aim at medac is to continue to raise awareness of environmental management and climate protection. We hold annual mandatory HSE training to provide all employees with an overview of how the environmental management system works and current measures of the environmental programme.

Additionally, we have incorporated a suggestion scheme within our environmental management system which allows employees to address ideas and suggestions to further contribute to our environmental responsibility.

As a company, we have been working from home over the last year due to current circumstances. Although this is not measurable, we have reduced the amount of driving and the use of energy in the office. Although we are planning on introducing office working to the company again soon, we will be offering a more flexible workplace and work to introduce other initiatives to try and continually reduce our carbon footprint.

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