medac launches first complete Mitomycin instillation kit

medac Pharma has launched the first complete Mitomycin instillation kit available for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). Each kit contains a closed instillation system, Mitomycin medac 20mg or 40mg vial, male and female catheter, clip and disposal bag.

This new advance in treatment of NMIBC is part of medac’s Bladder Cancer Care programme. The kit has been designed to be easy to prepare and therefore speeds up the process of Mitomycin instillation therapy. Another benefit of the closed system is that it prevents cytotoxic contamination.1 Furthermore, Mitomycin medac is a new formulation which dissolves rapidly and also contains urea to reduce irritation to the patient.2

Mitomycin is indicated for intravesical administration to prevent relapse in adult patients with superficial urinary bladder carcinoma following transurethral resection. Available in 20mg and 40mg vials complete with instillation set, Mitomycin can be administered as both induction and maintenance therapy.

medac has also introduced the NMIBC toolbox; an online, interactive aid for interpreting the EAU guidelines on NMIBC. This is available to download via the QR code.

Mitomycin Instillation Kit for Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC) Treatment
Mitomycin medac complete instillation kit


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