Adapting to the ‘new normal’ – Ally’s Hill Runs

As we know after his £100k fundraising challenge last year, our Managing Director, Ally likes to challenge himself. One positive to come out of this year is that with a great reduction in the amount of travelling required for his job, Ally has had more time to dedicate to another challenge he set himself for 2020. As last year drew to a close, Ally decided he wanted to try and run up a local hill in Stirling, Dumyat 150 times in the year of 2020.

Ally is usually away from home for work so much that 150 times up the hill (which is 1371 feet at the summit) would have been a real challenge logistically – never mind physically. He’s given himself the added challenge of running up there from our head office every day which is at least 10 kilometres each time.

The reduction in travel has meant that Ally has managed to climb up Dumyat 275 times in 2020 so far. Here’s his views at the top on his 275th run up there on Saturday. Can you spot our office from the top?

Well done Ally! We’re excited to see how many you manage by 2021.

Dumyat Summit Ally McMurray medac Pharma Dumyat Summit Ally McMurray medac Pharma