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medac Satellite Symposium at EAU

On Saturday 10th July, medac are holding a Satellite Symposium at the European Assocation of Urology. The event will be hosted by Medscape and will cover the topic of ‘Expert...

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This September is blood cancer awareness month. Not everyone will have the same symptoms but understanding and raising awareness of blood cancers and their symptoms is so important.

Tomorrow we are sponsoring the @HT_Medical virtual AML Academy in Birmingham, covering the topic of Management of Adult AML. Our National Account Manager, Jane McNeil will be attending the event from 23rd – 24th September #AMLAcademy
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Only 35% of RA patients feel as though they received enough information about their proposed treatment. 60% are not told what their next treatment option would be should the initial therapy fail to work.

We are proud to have introduced recyclable materials to optimise the use of commercial waste. Any waste from our commercial activities is passed to a recyclable materials buyer who processes our waste and returns for reuse safely #RecycleWeek2021