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ProductFormStrength/dosePack sizeEAN codeAlloga codeSPC linkRisk minimisation
Bortezomib powder for solution for injection
Bortezomib 3.5mg Vial
3.5mg1 x 14037353018747USP7153

View the Bortezomib 3.5mg SPC

Carmustine Obvius powder and solvent for concentrate for solution for infusion
Carmustine Obvius 100mgVial
100mg1 x 18719992196180USP4533

View the Carmustine Obvius 100mg SPC

Dacarbazine powder for solution for injection/infusion
Dacarbazine 100mgVial
100mg1 x 1040373533332227098494

View the Dacarbazine 100mg SPC

Dacarbazine 200mgVial
200mg1 x 1040373533333217098502

View the Dacarbazine 200mg SPC

Dacarbazine 500mgVial
500mg1 x 140373533333387098510

View the Dacarbazine 500mg SPC

Dacarbazine 1000mgVial
1000mg1 x 140373534333357098528

View the Dacarbazine 1000mg SPC

Doxorubicin solution for infusion
Doxorubicin solution 10mg/5mlVial
10mg/5ml1 x 140373530059148364903

View the Doxorubicin 10mg/5ml SPC

Doxorubicin solution 50mg/25mlVial
50mg/25ml1 x 140373530059388364895

View the Doxorubicin 50mg/25ml SPC

Doxorubicin solution 200mg/100mlVial
200mg/100ml1 x 140373530059528364911

View the Doxorubicin 200mg/100ml SPC

Epirubicin Solution for Injection
Epirubicin solution 10mg/5mlVial
10mg/5ml1 x 140373530045428349078

View the Epirubicin 10mg/5ml SPC

Epirubicin solution 50mg/25mlVial
50mg/25ml1 x 140373530045668349086

View the Epirubicin 50mg/25ml SPC

Epirubicin solution 200mg/25mlVial
200mg/25ml1 x 140373530045808349094

View the Epirubicin 200mg/25ml SPC

Etoposide concentrate for solution for infusion
Etoposide solution 100mg/5mlVial
100mg/5ml1 x 14037353017887USP0382

View the Etoposide 100mg/5ml SPC

Etoposide solution 500mg/25mlVial
500mg/25ml1 x 14037353017894USP9056

View the Etoposide 500mg/25ml SPC

Fluorouracil 50mg/ml solution for injection
Fluorouracil 500mg/10ml Vial
500mg/10ml1 x 140373539998868150997

View the Fluorouracil 500mg/10ml SPC

Fluorouracil 1000mg/20ml Vial
1000mg/20ml1 x 140373539999858151003

View the Fluorouracil 1000mg/20ml SPC

Fluorouracil 2500mg/50ml Vial
2500mg/50ml1 x 140373539999928151011

View the Fluorouracil 2500mg/50ml SPC

Fluorouracil 5000mg/100ml Vial
5000mg/100ml1 x 140373534433348151029

View the Fluorouracil 5000mg/100ml SPC

Fluorouracil 25mg/ml solution for injection
Fluorouracil 2500mg/100ml Vial
2500mg/100ml1 x 140373531222226806079

View the Fluorouracil 2500mg/100ml SPC

Hydroxycarbamide capsules
Hydroxycarbamide capsules 500mg Capsules
500mg1 x 10040373534444301106350

View the Hydroxycarbamide capsules 500mg SPC

Irinotecan concentrate for solution for infusion
Irinotecan 40mg/2ml Vial
40mg/2ml1 x 140373530049558360448

View the Irinotecan 40mg/2ml SPC

Irinotecan 100mg/5ml Vial
100mg/5ml1 x 140373530049628356321

View the Irinotecan 100mg/5ml SPC

Irinotecan 300mg/15ml Vial
300mg/15ml1 x 140373530049798355208

View the Irinotecan 300mg/15ml SPC

Leflunomide tablets
Leflunomide 15mg tablets

15mg1 x 304037353019546USP6171

View the Leflunomide 15mg tablets SPC

View the risk minimisation physician leaflet

View the risk minimisation patient information leaflet

Methotrexate solution for injection
Methotrexate solution 1000mg/10ml Vial
1000mg/10ml1 x 14037353017191USP5969

View the Methotrexate 1000mg/10ml SPC

Methotrexate solution 5000mg/50ml Vial
5000mg/50ml1 x 14037353017207USP5976

View the Methotrexate 5000mg/50ml SPC

Oxaliplatin concentrate for solution for infusion
Oxaliplatin 100mg/20ml Vial
100mg/20ml1 x 14037353008533USP9516

View the Oxaliplatin 100mg/20ml SPC

Oxaliplatin 200mg/40ml Vial
200mg/40ml1 x 14037353008540USP9509

View the Oxaliplatin 200mg/40ml SPC

Disodium folinate (Sodiofolin) solution for injection/infusion
Sodium folinate 100mg/2ml Vial
100mg/2ml1 x 140373535444448151037

View the Sodium folinate 100mg/2ml SPC

Sodium folinate 400mg/8ml Vial
400mg/8ml1 x 140373531221168151045

View the Sodium folinate 400mg/8ml SPC

Vinorelbine solution for infusion
Vinorelbine injection 10mg/1ml Vial
10mg/1ml1 x 1040373530014118338162

View the Vinorelbine 10mg/1ml SPC

Vinorelbine injection 50mg/5ml Vial
50mg/5ml1 x 1040373530014358338154

View the Vinorelbine 50mg/5ml SPC

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